Welcome to The Portfolio Parent

Welcome to my blog… here you’ll find an eclectic mix of stuff as I’m enjoying finally having the flexibility to explore lots of avenues that interest me.  Teaching left no room for much else but I left the classroom this summer so now I’ve dusted off the sewing machine and started a small sustainable creative business – Make Waves.  I’ve also revived my sailing instructing qualifications and am working on the water freelance.  These diverse ventures are providing some income and a chance to try things whilst I career change.
Longer term I aim to work in international development, specialising in education.  I’ve been getting involved in education development work in a variety of ways, such as some time as a volunteer in Sierra Leone, and my MA starts in Sept 2018.  My diary is now seriously complicated and I’m still pretty busy, but the pace and variety of life is so much better.  Here’s to taking a risk and changing things that aren’t working for your life and your family!
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